Indonesia: “FGM not harmful”


The Indonesian Ministry of Health is still refusing to ban FGM. Minister Nafsiah is trying to protect herself from criticism by asserting that “female circumcision did not cause any negative side effects if the clitoris isn’t cut”. This is (a) a bold statement for which she has no prove, and (b) nobody can guarantee that the clitoris isn’t cut, since “Our medical officers have never been trained to perform female circumcision.”

In fact, this is a universal pattern, also labeled “sunnah” circumcision: Purported restrictions to the operation only serve to legitimize the operation as such. Then on the ground the girls are made to feel the difference between promise and reality. What is called “sunnah” in the book means cutting of the clitoris in reality.

Finally, when this practice is criticized religious figures may assert that it is not done according to the teachings. Nice strategy. Proving that NO form of FGM whatsoever must ever be allowed.


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