Support Mae Azango in Liberia!


MDG : FGC : reporter Mae Azango : female genital cutting in Liberia

Mae Azango is a heroic and courageous fighter against female genital mutilation. In her home country Liberia she is now facing death threats for having unveiled the truth about this heinous practice. This was the article that led the president to respond to the issue. However, FGM is still legal in Liberia. Recently, the president said, “to hastily abolish the practice could spark off a serious societal crisis”.


One Response to “Support Mae Azango in Liberia!”

  1. Arvid Vormann Says:

    Mae Azango is one of the few female reporters in Liberia, and she’s one of the few who do real journalism – and thus get huge attention.
    “It was on the front page of the major newspaper in Liberia on International Women’s Day, when other media was doing light pieces about women’s advancement.”
    “It’s so rare that reporters actually use real people to tell their stories in Liberia. Usually it’s just a rewritten press release or the words of a single leader being reproduced. There is no reporting. Readers really responded to this, because the overall presentation was so compelling. It got everyone’s attention and it was discussed for months on talk radio.”

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