An important step


The Secretary General of International Union of Muslim Scholars Dr. Ali Qaradaghi, a Kurd from Iraq, recently expained in an Interview  that Female Genital Mutilation is neither obligatory in Islam nor mentioned in Quran. Therefore Governments can forbid it by law. This staement is seen as a big step forwards for banning this practise in Iraqi-Kurdistan:

Professor Dr. Ali Qaradaghi, secretary general of the International Union of Islamic Scholars asserts that female circumcision is not mandated by Islam, and that the government can prohibit the practice by law.
In an interview with Hawlati which will be published in full in the upcoming issues of the newspaper, Dr. Ali stated that “FGM is a old subject that keeps resurfacing, and the Islamic scholars have several opinions on it. My personal opinion is that FGM is not mandated by Islam, and that view is shared by the Imams Malik and Ahmed, and some Shafi’ scholars.” The IUSC-secretary general also mentioned that FGM is an old habit that dates back to the pre-islamic era, and after its establishment Islam tried to gradually manage it.”
Dr. Ali adds “there is no citation in the Quran towards the practice of female circumcision, and no authentic and straightforward evidence on its being a mandate in Islam, even some prominent scholars say that even male circumcision is a Sunna and not a mandate.”
He enforced his statements with an anecdote from Imam Hassan Al-Basry, having said “If an infidel converted to Islam he/she does not need to be circumcised. Thousands of people converted at the time of the prophet and it is not heard that they were circumcised.”
On managing the FGM problem, Dr. Ali Qaradaghi said “FGM is an optional matter, and therefore I can say that the government may prohibit it by law.”


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