Demand to outlaw female circumcision in Kurdistan


The Kurdistan Health Ministry has planed for a conference on female circumcision practice in Kurdistan and a demand to the Kurdistan Region’s Fatwa Committee to veto the phenomenon will follow the conference, said an official Saturday. Female circumcision.

Tahir Hawrami, the Kurdistan Health Minister told AKnews the conference is primarily intended to ban the practice. It will give the experts in the related issue to openly discuss their views on the merits and demerits of the practice.”But we believe female circumcision does not have any scientific merits, therefore, after the conference we demand the Fatwa committee to forbid the practice,” Hawarni added.

The predominately Muslim population in Kurdistan still abides by the genital mutilation practice stipulated in Islam for both men and women. Though the practice is not all-encompassing, the recent studies stress the prevalence of the practice and its lasting effects on women in the Region.



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