FGM between women’s razors and a surgeon’s scalpel, a reply to the comments of two Surgeons in Kurdistan


By Dr. Hemin Sabir

A remarkable phenomenon often encountered in suburb hospitals and health centers is the tendency of the local people to adress all personnel working in healthcare with the title (doctor). Although some experienced and competent nurses and paramedics deserve the privilege it is not uncommon to see it extended to lab technicians, physical therapists, and even office coordinaters.

This is considered an antique by most doctors who swallow it with a cut of tea, yet there are some who nevertheless take issue with it oftentimes resulting in a conflict between physicians and other medical professionals. Apart from the issue of titles and ego, what separates physicians from others with the superiously given title is the responsibility of true doctors towards their patients of constantly updating their information to conform with professional practice guidelines and consensus statements. Furthermore, physicians should not shy from disclosing their lack of information, or incomplete knowledge, about illnesses, treatments, or other medical questions to their patients as doing otherwise will jeopardise patien’ts safety and will potentially expose him or her to potentially harmful treatments or misinformation.

Although most physicians take these issues for-granted we nonetheless encounter some medical experts who give inconsistent and incorrect statements to the public media about FGM. I would like here to highlight the words of two surgeons in Kurdistan, one of whom manages health system in the region and the other is a University of Sulaimani lecturer. It immediately becomes clear from their positions that these two gentlemen have marked influence on public health in general and the scientific health of our current and future physicians in particular.

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