Kurdish Cleric defends FGM as religious practice


From Akanews

Abd-ul Daim Ma’ruf Hawramany, who has a masters in Tafseer (Analysis of scripture) told Akanews that there are many types of FGM, two of which are worth discussing: The first form is prohibited by Islam and is termed Pharonic (relating to the Pharaohs of Egypt). This form is not practiced in Kuridstan. The second type is legitimate and permissible (according to Islam), which involves removal of a redundant skin on the top of the clitoris where smudge accumulates, akin to the foreskin in males. This type is mandated by the prophet of Islam. Hawramany further clarified “this second type is debated by the different schools in Islam, but I am surprised that some scholars deny it and its presence in Islamic code.”

Pharonic FGM includes types three and four, and strongly influences reproductive ability.

Hawramany strongly emphasizes “The majority of Kurds follow the Shafáfií School of though which considers FGM a religious mandate that must be performed. Those who don’t do it are condemnable. Furthermore, FGM is a Sunna in Imam Ahmed’s School, and if we scrutinize the Hadith we find stronger evidence for the obligatory status of FGM.”


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