FGM – The Unsolved Riddle?


FGM has attracted a lot of attention after the publication of the HRW report, which came as a wakeup call for many including religious ministers and lay people, not least journalists and thinkers. This made some people weary of the subject, muttering oftentimes “is it about circumcision again?”s I however believe we need to flush the pages of all newspapers and magazines with writings about FGM so that we succeed in raising public consciousness about it. My article is a latecomer in this time, since after three meticulous readings of the HRW report I discovered many things. The report is very rich and up-to-date, and I acclaim all of those who participated in that august piece of work. The article gave birth to the publication of many article, an awakening of the people to the harms of FGM, and even the Islamic scholars union rushed to get in shape for an albeit unproductive fatwa on the subject. The latter is a cause for concern since the union has failed hitherto in announcing a decisive fatwa on the subject of FGM in Kurdistan.



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