“The Day I Was Circumcised”


Until the mid of this decade, the word ‘circumcision’ was not so common in the newspapers and magazines, using this word was often a shame. For most of the newspaper editors using the word was a “redline”.

Any articles or news report containing this word would have been scrolled with a timid feeling and were sent to the ‘no publish’ box; while, we, females were suffering from cutting our genital organs.

Perhaps even today the word, just as any other word related to the female sexual organs, is a taboo to some of the editors and journalists. That is why, I was not shocked when in a conversation of mine with a number of my friends I was verbally offended for talking about the day I was circumcised, the day in which I was physically and psychologically assaulted,  and the pains I had to go through which I can never ever forget.



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