Waris Dirie: Higher Committee of Fatwa in Kurdistan fails to take clear position


In the context of the recent reports on FGM among Kurdish women in Iraq, it is especially disappointing to see that the recently issued Fatwa on FGM in Kurdistan fails to take a clear position against female genital mutilation.

The Fatwa recapitulates the different opinions on the role and importance of FGM in Islam and points out that there is no clear indication that FGM is required by the Quoran. But while it points out that FGM is medically harmful, the Fatwa leaves it up to the parents to decide whether or not to mutilate their daughters, stating that: “The parents of the girl are free to practice FGM or not” and “most of the religious scientists of Islam are saying FGM is Sunnah […] and it is obvious that by doing something Sunnah people will be awarded for doing it and will not be criminalised.”

“In the light of the recent reports on FGM in Kurdistan, I hoped for a clear position of the religious leaders against this practice. As many highly recognised Imams all over the world have pointed out, FGM in not mentioned in the original text of the Quoran. Instead, it is stated that a Muslim should “you should not harm neither yourself or others”. Many Imams regard performing FGM as a deadly sin. It is a crime against girls and women and a clear violation of human rights.” – Waris Dirie

How do you feel about this Fatwa? Tell Waris your opinion on this issue here.


2 Responses to “Waris Dirie: Higher Committee of Fatwa in Kurdistan fails to take clear position”

  1. Aran Says:

    I am sure that kurdish religius leaders can not have their rols because they get lectures from other religious leaders outside kurdstan. Many of kurdish religious leaders can not understand whats is the mening of fatwa. I am sure that the issue can be resolved by more education and more education to whom who lesten to fatwa or whom who waiting for fatwa to resolve their problem. A good plan to give information to parents and to girls and boy in school can help girls in future.

    How someone can have a plan or how someone can give information to paretns or to boys and to girls have more imprtance than what is the content of fatwa.

    with my best regards

  2. Chantal Says:

    FGM is not advocated by the Koran nor by any religion. It’s only a terrible tradition in some countries, born of a misunderstanding or a desire to belittle women. Many people have already understood. We must do everything in our power to ensure that these crimes be abolished.

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