USA: Doctors for FGM


While Kurdish people desperately try to get rid of FGM, the American Academy of Pediatrics is promoting it in America. Considering the difficulties to eradicate “FGC” (as they call it)

“It might be more effective if federal and state laws enabled pediatricians to reach out to families by offering a ritual nick as a possible compromise to avoid greater harm.”

“Reach out to families” – who could resist this call! Bridging the gap between some immigrant communities and Western culture by hurting little girls’ genitals, however, must be a dirty joke.

Sure, and bad enough, many male babies in America get circumcised. But instead of questioning these unnecessary and ethically dubious amputations, the AAP uses them as an argument to go even further.

Their language refects their intentions: “cutting” instead of “mutilation”, words like “female genital alteration”, “nonmedical procedure”, “nicks”, “pricks” and “minor incisions” are used by doctors who follow a doctrine that fundamentally contravenes the Hippocratic oath they once sweared. Originally, the oath was meant to be a boundary in the name of reason – but cultural relativism recognizes neither reason nor boundaries.

More information here, your protest here.


2 Responses to “USA: Doctors for FGM”

  1. Nancy Bohan-Broderick Says:

    How small a newborns clitoris must be! Any cutting will result in damage. I have a scar from a small surgery I had as a toddler. The scar is much bigger than the original incision. This is a step in the wrong direction. I have started a petition to the AAP. People from all nations should sign it. Thank you!!!

    This is the facebbok link to the petition

  2. AAP’s hypocrisy « Stop FGM Kurdistan Blog Says:

    […] Arvid Vormann Obviously, the American Academy of Pediatrics tries to mislead the public on their recently adopted mutilation policy. In a press statement, the AAP claimed yesterday not to condone doctors to provide any kind of […]

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