Why then the silence?


Debating FGM from an Islamic perpective, arguing that FGM is not deeply rooted in Muslim faith, this blogger asks:

Given that FGM clearly has no basis in Islam, Why then, are more Muslims not speaking out against this practise? Why are the shia in particular, not adding their voice to the multitude of campaigning organisations (mainly from the West), who speak out against this horrific practise? Why does not one care about the 150000 girls and women who suffer this barbaric mutilation every year (and those are just the numbers that are known about). I put this question to a range of people from across the Muslim community: most of them used lack of awareness as a primary get-out claws, others pointed at a fear of speaking out against wahabis/sunis, others felt their interfering would be seen as unwelcome supremacy (who are these white/foreign people telling us how to run our countries?). While all of these have weight in their own ways, none of them justify sitting back and doing nothing!


One Response to “Why then the silence?”

  1. Chnar Morad Says:

    Tragically, these topics (puberty, sex) and so on. is very taboo in the Middle East, mainly in Muslim countries. The weaknesses, unfortunately, is the wireless communication between men and women in many Muslim countries. It is not as easy to talk about subjects that men and women in the “European” countries. This creates, in turn, that women, in many cases, believe they will be ostracized by society and by men if they have not been genitally mutilated. While men often think this is a women’s issue and would rather not interfere in this problem.

    I will obviously not take any case over an edge, of course, some women actually become outcasts if it had not implemented the horrible culture.

    To educate and above all learning about this horrible ritual in the Middle East, Africa and many other countries is probably the most powerful tool to destroy female genital mutilation for good!

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