Kurdish Globe: trust rumours not facts


Our recently published results on FGM in Kurdistan were now criticized in the “Kurdish Globe”. The anonymous writer cites an anonymous female student saying: “the results of the study, to a large degree, are not a clear reflection of the Kurdish society”.

WOW! This student must be a genius! She does not need a statistical survey to judge about FGM in Kurdistan because she got information from so many “relatives and friends”! We should have referred to this lady instead of planning a large survey, traveling, interviewing, completing forms, evaluating and analysing lots of data!

The student continued: “the participants are not selected randomly”. WOW again! The anonymous lady might actually have read our study where we described in length the difficulties we faced in creating a random selection. We did our very best. Of course you can always do better – but then, please do it!

If this claim is not true, the next one is a blatant lie. WADI did not “selectively survey” women. WADI applied a statistical standard method called  “area sampling” in order to cope with the fact that the respective country has no reliable statistics on the population.

Mrs. Anonymous, let me tell you: it is well possible that you “never experienced what is stated in the study”. Good for you. But that does not mean a thing because even in Kurdistan, society is heterogeneous. Nobody can overlook a whole society. That is what statistics were invented for.


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