Religions on FGM in Iraqi-Kurdistan


The last issue of the Newspaper Nm Nm issued a an article of Sherwan Mahmod about the different religions in Iraqi-Kurdistan and how they deal with FGM.

Here are some excerpts translated into English:

Christian and Yazidis refuse it and Islam has conditions for FGM

According to WADI statistics 60% of females in Kurdistan are mutilated, medical professionals insist that this practices cause many physical and psychological problems.

The 75 year old midwife Haji Rabeia from Garmyan area admits, while cutting the clitoris of one girl and boosting her knife, “that with this knife I cut 1000 girls”.

Shelan Kamal, 24 years old, was eight when they mutilated her. One of her relatives visited them and was not ready to eat and drink anything prepared by Shelan until she would be mutilated. He explained he heard that from the Mullahs.

Narmen, 27 years, was cut in the age of six and says that this procedure has left a strong trauma on her. She feels handicapped and is very afraid of marriage.

The attitude of Islamic law schools towards FGM differ, Sunni Islam consider it Sunnat while the Shia forbids it. Mullah Ahmad Qamishli explains that FGM is considered sunnat by Abraham and the prophet Muhammad approved it.

Priest Zaya Shaba in Shaqlawa church stated there is not FGM and nether circumcising in Christianity.

Xayre Haisan, 45 years, Yazidis only believe with male circumcising , they don’t don’t believe with FGM .

Falah Muradkhin from Wadi stated to Nmnm the their NGO started a anti FGM campaign from 2005 .

And here is the article in Kurdish:


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