Female Genital Mutilation is NOT an African problem!

By Ines Laufer
Due to the tireless work of the organisation WADI e.V. – who are partners and supporters of the http://www.sponsoredgirl.com – campaign, the dimension of Female Genital Mutilation in Middle East, for example in Iraq and Iran, becomes more and more clear: Neglected and denied by all UN-bodies and concerned FGM-organisations for a long time, we have to admit today that up to 95% of the girls in Kurdish areas like Rania are submitted to Female Genital Mutilation (mutilation of the clitoris).
One reason for maintaining this blindness towards FGM out of the African continent might be the fact that UN and other organisations did not want to see their construction about FGM as “old African rite and custom” break down like a house of cards and force them to admit that FGM is very Islam-linked problem.
As WADI e.V. was the first organisation who discovered this crime in Kurdish Iraq only in 2004, major steps heve been done since then to bring the mutilations to the awareness of the Kurdish and even world public:
Today, long articels and documentations about this crime among Kurdish girls,are being published, like this one at the Kurdish magazine “Avesta”:


up to 95% of Kurdish girls (i.e. in Rania) are subjected to genital mutilation
Kurdish mutilator

WADI e.V. and numerous courageous Kurdish men and women with whom they co-operate make it impossible to overlook any longer the suffering of girls and women in Middle East because of Female Genital Mutilation. In Feburary 2010, WADI e.V. will present their full study on genital mutilations in Iraq, together with Human Rights Watch.
At http://www.stopfgmkurdistan.org you find more detailed information about FGM in Iraq. It’s worth to have a look!

At the current Human Rights-Festival “Thishumanworld” in Vienna, there are two documentaries presented about Female Genital Mutilation in Iraq and Iran: “Handful of Ash” by Nabaz Ahmed, co-produced by WADI, about FGM in Iraq, a film that has been presented in Germany last year already,http://www.thishumanworld.com/jart/prj3/thw/main.jart?rel=de&reserve-mode=active&content-id=1257943646642&show_prdouktion=1257943655162
and “In the Name of tradition” about FGM in Iran, by Kameel Ahmady, where about 70% of girls become victims of thet crime: http://www.thishumanworld.com/jart/prj3/thw/main.jart?rel=de&reserve-mode=active&content-id=1257943646642&show_prdouktion=1258524313824

http://www.sponsoredgirl.com – campaign at the Kurdish Newspaper “REWAN”
There’s need of much more public awareness and outspeaking and most important: acting to stop these crimes wherever they are being committed. The children need to be protected first of all. In Africa. In Iraq. In Iran. In Europe and in the United States. And we all have our opportunities to take and choices to make to help stamping out this violence for ever.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by taskforceFGM: Female Genital Mutilation is NOT an African problem: http://tiny.cc/0mTyU

  3. Lauren Stone Says:

    FGM in it’s various forms cannot be looked at as an African issue or an Islamic issue, etc…It must be seen for what it truly is, widespread child abuse and molestation of girls.

    Anyone who cares about children must start to speak out against this crime. FGM is the most heinous form of child abuse. It is physical torture, sexual assault, mental, emotional and spiritual terrorism.

    FGM is not a crime that adults perpetrate upon each other as in war, but a systematic assault on the most vulnerable members of the society, it’s children…. See More

    If we, as a global community cannot stand up and speak out against such atrocity against those who are truly voiceless and void of rights, if we do not demonstrate by our actions that our precious children are deserving of basic human rights, then we all should be ashamed.

    The perpetrators of this crime against girls and women can no longer be allowed to hide behind religion or tradition.

    I believe it is sometimes hard for people to put this crime into personal terms and therefore easier to distance one’s self.

    For women perhaps easier to imagine such abuse and empathize with the victims of this crime. Yet we all, men and women, have or have had, a Grandmother, a Mother, a sister, a daughter, a cousin, a female friend that we deeply care about. Just imagine that this horrible abuse happened to that woman you love. Now it feels personal.

    We must be vigilant about spreading the word of this horror. Making people aware that this happens all over the world, every day.
    I further believe that we must also stand for the rights of boy children and speak out against circumcision on their behalf. Human mutilation is a crime. Performing a surgical alteration of a child’s body without clear medical necessity is unethical.
    Every child on earth, female and male has the right to genital integrity.

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