Portrait of a Kurdish activist combating FGM


The Kurdish Herald with another must-read piece by Haje Kale about FGM an a couragious Kurdish activists combatting it: Arian Arif, who was mutiliated herself at the age of nine:

In Kurdistan, Ms. Arif wrote articles for several well-known Kurdish newspapers. Her articles were primarily about women and the various obstacles they face. One women’s issue, in particular, that drew her attention the most was female genital mutilation, also commonly referred to as female circumcision.

Debating female genital mutilation is still something of a taboo issue in Kurdistan, but certain people, including Ms. Arif, and some groups such as the German-based Association for Crisis Assistance and Development Cooperation, or WADI, work hard to try to spread awareness of this horrible practice despite meeting resistance from many sides. Although focus on this topic in Kurdistan and elsewhere has increased over the last 7-8 years, Ms. Arif’s unfortunate introduction to this practice came much earlier.


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